I stare into the mother’s eyes
From a never-ending distance.
A barrier breaks the tension
But doesn’t guarantee freedom.

Her environment is pretense:
Three deceiving walls, one exit,
A path to another painting
To live more than forced settling.

An exhibit to real monsters,
Where I, an individual, stand
Yet want to jump into landscapes
And end it, the trapped loneliness.

Time ceases; all animals fuse,
Adapting to fake habitat.
It’s not enough forming routine
Until you discover Love’s zone.

Creature comfort is supportive.
The joey looks like a Joey,
Given warmth in mammal blanket.
My label shall change to Joey.

Life’s surroundings are family.
Since true home is away from here,
That’s all that matters; we are one.
We’re the same. We are not alone.
Kevin Adam Flores Barbosa is an English graduate who has been writing poetry and short fiction since he existed. He's been mentioned in the University of Texas at Brownsville's The Collegian and The Brownsville Herald, and he has been published in Austin Community College's The Rio Review, University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley's Gallery 2016 & 2017 magazines, and BAM's SXSM 2016 zine. He is a bittersweet poet who has an Instagram and Tumblr (blinkforman23).

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