What are you and to that I am not Panamanian and Turk-no,
Born here, eyes wide and and confused mind do I leave, I am Tejano
Olá, tudo bem? De qual cidade? Thinking I'm fine and not from a Brazilian city,
Como é seu nome? Sim eu falo, why do you leave eu sou, I'm Tejano 
South African and Middle Eastern  and they all have what they do,
No, for me cold watermelon, hot bbq, and pecan pies are part of this Tejano
Mexican, with a Spanish name, brown skin, and you're in Texas, 
Oh, my parents through great grand parents to disappoint you are Tejano
Fillipino, Honduran, they say that's what you look but they mistook,
Nestled between blue bonnets, and my dad playing bajo-sexto to be Tejano
Egyptian, something to consider and not alas nor proud to be,
Really, I grow leary no one ever says American - much less Tejano
Dominican,  Bolivian that's how I look and to put me in that box,
Curly hair, style of speech to how I dress, no wrong it's this Tejano
Nigerian with the Doc Alban dropping beats but it's that Texas heat,
Cotton and corn, The King of Country, Friday night lights, it's me a Tejano
Chilean for this time and they'll be wrong is what they find,
A slice of history with my name and skin, to not know where I'm from and where I've been, been here 30,000 years to be a Tejano.
Jaime Torres hails from Texas! As a kid Kyle, Texas was a small town that had a Dairy Queen and movie rental shop being all the hub. He's proud of his roots and recognizes and honors them when the chance arises to.

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