Life has never just handed me lemons. Like, here you are pretty lady. You look like you may in need of a handful of lemons today. Sour up that sweet personality of yours....And then I skip off into the sunset to make fresh lemonade. 
              No! Life hurls those little bastard yellow balls of sour sunshine at me so hard and so fast, I mistake them for the sun. I'm talking an MLB pitch at the bottom of the ninth, when I'm not even up to bat kind of throw...then readies for another as I'm laid out on the ground. Life has thrown the entire freaking lemon tree at me! The whole f***ing thing. Roots and all. 
              I don’t have enough sugar for all those lemons. 
              - 4 c boiling water 
              - 2 c sugar 
              - 1 c fresh lemon juice
              - a good amount of premixed lemon powder (the Mexican brand)
             boil water. add sugar. mix to dissolve. let cool. add lemon juice. add powder                mix. taste. 
may or may not be to your liking. in fact the recipe may not even work. either way, you had sugar and used the lemons.

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