With each step taken, whether on sidewalk, back roads or side streets,
You have a name,
Given to you without choice,
It will sit in the back of your mind, guiding your decisions,
But remember, when it causes you grief, brings you joy,
It is a name, there might be countless others with it,
But, it is yours,
When you have nothing to hold, Look to your name,
When your pockets are bare, Look to your name,
When the path before you is unclear, Look to your name,
When you hold the last piece of the puzzle, Look to your name,
When you finally twist an orange off a tree, for fun, Look to your name,
And when the sun rises after the darkest of nights, Look to your name,
It might have been given to you, but you made it what it is,
Look to your name and realize,
Even though it might have been decided,
Long before you knew it, ever thought of what it was, or what it meant,
Your place never was,
Know that when the sun shines, and the moon brightens your path,
That you have a name, that you are beautiful as you are,
For once,
Someone looked into your eyes, and in that moment,
Saw all you are, dreamed of all you ever would be,
Gave you a name.
Robert Hinojosa moved to the Rio Grande Valley in 2001. Prior to moving to the Valley he had spent his youth on various US Air Force military bases where his father served as a military law enforcement officer. Robert was born in Landstuhl, Germany where he made the first of many friends from different cultures. Robert had never considered a hometown until he moved to the Valley, and now calls it home. Robert is currently an education major at UTRGV.
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