When I am older…
…I hope someone is there to close the door to the restroom for me if I forget.
…I want to eat gooey red candy apples and munch on sweet corn on the cob.
…I hope to be able to walk with someone on the beach.
…I want to get up at midday or sleep through the entire day if I want.
…I want to travel to foreign lands to see new faces.
…I want to swim naked on the beach at night.
…I want to have a house full of grandchildren and play all day.
…I want to eat foods I’ve never tried and celebrate every day of my life.
…I want to barbecue chicken every weekend.
…I want to wear baggy jeans and go fishing at the beach.
…I want to camp out on a mountain top in Mexico.
…I want to dance in the rain and make mud pies.
…I want to go on a train ride far, far away to see leaves change colors.
…I want to throw away my money to the poor.
…I want to buy books for those who can’t afford them.
…I want to start my own school of reading and writing in two languages.
…I want to sing out loud and cry in Spanish.
…I want to write many bilingual children’s books.
…I want to live in a home with water nearby.
…I want to dance wearing a long-ruffled dress.
…I want to have long grey hair.
…I want to take my grandchildren to far away places.
…I want to teach my grandchildren to speak and sing in Spanish.
…I want to learn to love without conditions.
Dr. Melba Salazar Lucio taught high school English for over 35 years, currently teaches full time writing and literature at Texas Southmost College and enjoys living near the beach. She likes traveling in Mexico and Europe too. Dr. Lucio has been married almost 40 years with the love of her life and knight in shining armor, Juan David Liendo Lucio; together they have 3 children and 3.5 grandchildren. Writing is one of her passions!

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