can i wear this shirt
how about these pants
this dress
even if i put a jacket on
comments every time
anger from different people
no need
i had enough for all of us
each time i left the house
and eyes that undressed me
but didn’t want my skin case
pried apart
can’t say it’s because my boobs which are a fairly medium size
or my back pockets slightly bulging out
my thighs widening
it’s been ordained since my birth
that i would be over sexualized
but now i may choose
and i choose to let the world undress me
as long as they never swallow me whole.
A.I. Ramos is an inter sectional feminist, environmentalist, and proud latinx. She holds a BA from Cal State University Northridge in Creative Writing and Literature and is currently pursuing an MA from Eastern New Mexico University online in English. She released her first poetry collection, Gritty, in 2019.
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