My soul has grown deep like the river. –Langston Hughes
Every cello sounds like wine,
and every cabernet is holy water
since loving you.
I am a Bob Ross happy cloud
among peonies and goats
since loving you.
I am chocolate chip pancakes
and a pot of pecan coffee on Sundays
since loving you.
I am the black tips on white
pelican wings and the gleeful
jabbering of the green jay
since loving you.
Bologna tastes like sirloin,
and Trump looks less orange
since loving you.
Every injustice is bearable
and my heart needs no roadmap
since loving you.
I don’t feel afraid, 
and I forget the shadows
of Vietnam and violation
since loving you.

After seventeen years with you, my soul has grown deep like the river,
I invite everyone to my well to drink their fill.
I am a deluge
since loving you.
Lucinda Zamora-Wiley is a poet who resides in Brownsville, Texas, transplanted from San Antonio, originally. She earned her MFA in Creative Writing at UTRGV in 2016, and it is one of her highest privileges to have worked with poets, Billy Collins, Juan Felipe Herrera, and Emmy Perez along her writing career. She looks forward to working with poet, Sharon Olds, in summer of 2018. Lucinda was recently nominated by this press for a Pushcart Prize Award in Poetry; the nomination is an honor for which she is profoundly grateful.

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