An immigrant is………………………………………………………………………………………..
A human heart that beats like mine.
A body who bleeds garnet drops of blood like mine.
A person who wants to be given a chance like I do.
Someone who looks for a better quality of life like I do. One who sweats and thirsts for a drink like I do.
One who is anxious for family to join him like I do. One who is NOT an an ALIEN from a strange planet!
One who hurts and cries when he loses a loved one like I do. One who longs to own a home with a doorbell, fenced yard and two-car garage like I do.  One who believes that his children too can obtain an education and have dreams come true like my children who have realized their dreams!
One who dreams of travels to enjoy finer places in life like I do. One who would enjoy napping on feathered beds and white linens enclosed in air-conditioned rooms like I do.
One who longs for a warm embrace from a friend or relative like I do. One who searches to find himself tangled between two languages, unfriendly cities, crowded streets and lonely urined alleys.
A citizen of the world, not of a particular ALIEN country but he is a citizen of the world! He is a citizen of the world!
A person like me, not as different as we might think. We are all immigrants from a place.
Who are we (who vigilantly patrol our borders day and night and boast of our own legal citizenship as we puff our chests with pride)?
We think the world revolves around USA borders. But what about our citizenships of the world?
Let’s remove our heavy blinders and crystalize what we truly see….but this time with the lens of viewing with our bright red bleeding hearts!
Dr. Melba Salazar-Lucio is an English instructor at Texas Southmost College and has been teaching writing for almost 40 years. She is the proud Abuelita of 3 charming grandchildren, BellaVida, Charlotte Mae and Phoenix. Her favorite person in the whole wide world is her husband of 37 years, Juan David Lucio. Dr. Salazar Lucio is the daughter of Maria Elena Leal and Baltazar Salazar. She also has 3 children, Monica Leah/Pedro Cantu, David Daniel/Kate Dawson and Erika Teresa Lucio.

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