Crossing the freedom threshold 
Gaining my God given life
Mi gente entiende 
The person I am must no longer be
I cover my soul with freshly painted windows 
That bleed the azul I desperately crave,
While follicle strands scream painful cries 
Disintegrating into luscious hues of the sun
Almost done.
I sever the tip of my rolling tongue
That held sucia words that could’ve escaped, 
Dry off the last trickle of water 
That clings to my delicate back
Numbingly reveal 
my beautifully mutilated self,
This is what it takes 
To be American.
Amanda Nicole Peña is a current senior at UTRGV majoring in English with a concentration on teaching for grades 7-12 and a minor in psychology. She finds creative writing and poetry as her outlets to express herself on controversial topics that affect her life.

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