War_yah War_yah stop daydreaming
keep alert & stay ye always steady. There’re
devils ever scheming so always steady. Don’t
be fooled by fame & fortune, chase not some
lustful malice. For hour/minute hands are
ever fleeting. Does it make ye tremble?
NO only War_yah love steady. Can’t you
see/feel oppression grinning, learn how there’s
hatred trending — wake the fuck up!
Think there’s not shit phobias spreading
War_yah War_yah stop daydreaming —
don’t let yourself be caught sleeping —
don’t let human/civil rights fade to nothing!

Hey PoC hustle or get hustled? Hey PoC
do ya conform or dismantle the master’s house?
Keep silent & content in shadows, try to not
step on anyone’s toes or do ya make some noise?
Hey PoC — hella activist!
Hey PoC — radical consciousness!
Hey PoC — ally for change!
Hey PoC — voice for the voiceless!
Hey PoC — global citizen!
Hey PoC — dignity without borders!
War_yah War_yah stay strong stay woke!
In W.D. Reyes-Mainoux' poetry, he tries to demonstrate first, a social consciousness. Secondly, he attempts to inform the community and hopefully arm them with knowledge so they can engage and enrich their individual communities. He holds two bachelor degrees one in English (UTPA) and one in History (UTRGV).

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