Mercy Rehab ventures a lick
of a glazed fingertip
holding back the bite 'til she can
recite one more reason
why she deserves
the doughnut in front of her.
Chastity Brownbelt,
recalling up to the coat closet
last night,
(real fur
on her bare ass)
chases her 
post-blackout bearclaw
with a cold blue razzberry tea
Mercy expects at noon
to endure greedy hands,
probing her forgotten body,
unmapped for so long until
her remaining son
went up
without the possibility of parole.
Chastity plucks baby spider
legs tangled in her neck hair,
grateful for the
plate glass shop window
dampening the morning traffic.
she cannot ascertain
why the lady framed
by that window
engages her glazed
like a potentially deadly orgasm.
Mercy with her napkin on her
registers epiphany with each tiny
she loves this place
except when Sergio switches shifts
with some stranger
who doesn’t know how she likes it.
Anthony Hughes lives and teaches in the Rio Grande Valley. He has a strong back and his mom still thinks he's handsome.

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