I once read an article on the old-fashioned trend
of picnicking in cemeteries
and thought myself macabre
for thinking I'd love it. 
Then I realised it was something
I'd already done. 
In fact, it was pretty common to picnic,
to hold Chinese auctions and some sorts of festivals
in the large local cemetery, 
and I never stopped to question
why that might seem strange. 
I sometimes wonder if this 
was the start of my Gothicism, 
why I'd find myself drawn to gravestones, 
to the places where life meets death
in purgatorial limbo. 
I remember talking to a man, Frank, who died,
but I'm still not sure if I merely remembered his name 
from passing by or if he told me 
where to find the spot where he laid. 
I sometimes wonder if I too exist 
in the in-between, 
always so sick, 
never quite living 
to the fullest extent. 
I wonder if that's why I'm drawn
to these cemeteries.
Juliette Sebock is the author of Mistakes Were Made and has work forthcoming or appearing in a wide variety of publications. She is the founding editor of Nightingale & Sparrow and runs a lifestyle blog, For the Sake of Good Taste. When she isn't writing (and sometimes when she is), she can be found with a cup of coffee and her cat, Fitz. Juliette can be reached on her website or across social media.

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