Under expectations, I was shaped:
The perfect candidate 
The perfect student,
The perfect intern
The perfect daughter
My perfect self. 
Under expectations I crumbled:
Perfect obsessions
Perfect compulsions
Perfect violence 
Perfect mutilation
Perfect chaos
Under expectations I gave in:
To a stolen moment 
To overwhelming desire
To a sudden eruption 
Succumbing to the forbidden
Graceless liberation
Under certain events I was left:
Erasing the moment, pretending it never happened.
Under your unwanted regrets I realized my:
Perpetual exhaustion
Constant dissociation
Sudden awakening
Sparking rebellion 
Desire for regrets.
Under your memory I will forge new ones, 
With someone ready to make mistakes,
Someone who will ignite me and consume me. 
Someone that is finally, not you.
Frida Victoria Perez is a writer born and raised on both sides of the Rio Grande River. Due to this, she developed a bi-cultural identity and a desire to be champion for mental illness awareness and other issues surrounding Mexican-Americans.

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