(Thank you, Gloria)
To be bilingue.

To look in the pasado
              while bailando towards a future.

To live with racial profiling
              and know you will be told
Go back to Mexico!

To explore north of the
              Rio Grande Valley while
              craving home and its
              spices, oranges, and mouth-
              watering elote con chile.

To return
              to the border, the cities,
              the ghetto, the
              peeling-paint houses.

To coexist with la frontera
              no matter la distancia,
but to do what has to be done
              to self-improve through experiences
and interactions with strangers of all
ethnicities, religions and experiences,
even if it means leaving hogar, dulce hogar

To amarlo todo
              even after leaving hogar, dulce hogar,
              because the Valley is warm and filled
              with besos y abrazos from beloved
family and friends.
Magaly Garcia received an MFA in Writing & Publishing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has been published in Along the River III, UTRGV’s The Gallery (2013, 2015), VCFA’s Synezoma, and Francis House. She lives in south-south Texas, and when she isn’t writing she is summoning fantasmas to haunt her cat and cactus.

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