You are such an immense human being in my liveliness. 
You nurture me with all of my speculations and hesitations. 
Is space never ending?                                                        
                                                                                Why is the sky colorful sometimes? 
Listen to this song when you need comfort.     
                                                “Take care”
                                                 as I leave for the road. 
You appear to my salvation in times in need. 
Like a chapel so soft in movements and tranquil. 
I desire you with me for eternity.
               Second by second.
                              Minute by minute.
                                             Radiation and twilight.
The stars aligned 
In constellations
when love was discovered in us. 
                Like fossils hidden underground
                It is worth the wait to encounter true love. 
                                                              The kind that devotes endless time
                                                                                endless tenderness
                                                                                               endless warmth to cold frosty days. 
Your embrace helps me in times of all hopelessness. 
So, truth be told I am the one for you
Like God made Eve only for Adam.
We devote each other through the 
                                                                                                              sky highs 
                                                                                                              rock bottoms
                                                                                                              hidden deep into the sea. 
For no one will ever interpret the connection between 
Me and You. 
Monica Rangel is a 19 year old student attending Texas Southmost College. She wants to major in Education in the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. She is outgoing, creative, engaging in projects, and very open minded.

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