A fragile bird injured
Forgotten on the side of the road
Only to die and decay companionless
A lone wolf later arrives
Sadden to nudge her with a wet nose
The breathless kissed with breath
Suicidal creatures
Hiding in their shadows
As they walk through the silent forest
No moonlight or starlight against midnight
Amongst withered flowers and strangling vines
Dusk will forever last. . .
There have been many occasions
I rather vanish in my sleep
Never to wake up again
But then I remember
The spectacle of you and your wonderful forsaken children
And I want to see you one more time
Alas, life will be too much
Miscellaneous ongoing battles
A constant struggle
For those who remain,
Leftover herds marching onward
With impaired legs and wasted magic
Be that as it may, those who remain,
The blessed will awaken in warmth
After the daylight surfaces
While they quietly pray to keep
Witnessing something marvelous
Like your sunrise
Your sun will rise through
To kill the consuming darkness
Which seeks to change our fates
Vitality chosen by the wolf
Essence given to the bird
The breathless kissed with breath
Kevin Adam Flores Barbosa is an English graduate who has been writing poetry and short fiction since he existed. He has been published in The Rio Review, University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley’s Gallery 2016-2018 magazines, The Chachalaca Review, and a couple of zines. He is a bittersweet poet who has an Instagram and Tumblr.
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