Walk faster don’t look back,
Stay focused, get outside.
Oh, how did you get yourself into this situation?
Didn’t you foresee it to keep yourself safe?!
My heart beats faster, I could hear it inside my ears,
My breath gets shorter, as I keep down my head,
Panic is attacking me from all the sides,
I want to disappear, please make it stop!
Pace gets faster to reach my salvation,
Other side of the street, for people to notice,
I hear the whistles and footsteps behind,
Hunting me like a rabbit which got into the trap.
Oh please, no, don’t do this to me,
I am just a teenage girl doing my things,
I rise my head a bit and look aside,
And eyes met, of the predator and victim, for a time.
I imagine my face, how it must have looked,
From the eyes of that predator who had confused look.
With terror in eyes and head kept down,
Perfect prey, to later feast upon.
I begged all the Gods to “save me please!”,
And with my glance, the predator, to not to do this,
Just flee, just run, never look back,
And your salvation has luckily have come.
GB is the girl who discovered recently that she likes to write poetry. She was very surprised that most of her creativity came in English, though sometimes she has difficulties to finish two sentences. GB doesn't want recognition over her work. She will be happy if just people will enjoy her "art".
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