I promised
Every day
Why do I find it so difficult?
I wrote a personal journal
But found it crap
I have goals and dreams
Now they seem so distant
I promised,
To hone my skills and sharpen my knifes
Ideas used to burst like a supernova
Now it’s just an empty casket
Is my dream dead?
I read and analyze
But my body and mind are chained
Down by the cunning dark monster hovering over me.
I read back
Yet nothing strikes
The same way as lightening
I go for a blank slate
Yet I’ve made little progress
I find myself losing sight of my goals
I want to
But where do I begin?
How do I begin?
Wendy Perez is an emerging writer from South Texas. She enjoys writing a mix of horror, fantasy, and thriller/mystery. She uses poetry as a means of exercising her creative juices. When not writing, she can often be found binge-watching current TV shows or anime.

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