Alien am I. I am a native alien, not ancient at all. I occupy 22 sq. feet of
living space in this spaceship that is my home. I have a bean for a heart, a burger for
 a stomach, and a cactus that springs out of my forehead. My eyes are composed of a 1950’s
camera lens and the other a flat screen t.v. One ear sprouted a rabbit antenna. A week ago, the other
morphed into a satellite dish. My skin turns to cinnamon when I work with my dad when the ship needs
repair.  My hair is course and straight and my tongue is so pale it glows a creamy white.
I try to show the people I am one of them, but no on sees it. I am too
Different. Too Alien they yell, and push, and terrorize me
Because my tongue is so strange. But I find
Rest in my ship. I smell fajitas.
My grandpa’s must be
visiting. “Mijo, your grandpa’s here!”
Yup, must be his accordion
music is playing.
I am home.
Janie Infante Camero is currently a graduate Student at UTRGV pursuing a MAIS, in the Mexican American Studies program. She is current president of LUNA- La Union Nepantleras de Aztlan. Janie is a mother of three children, wife, and a devoted daughter. Her works are reflective convergence of the spaces and identities she inhabits.

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