This video work is a reenactment and investigation of the recent internet myth about the Jamboy. According the myth, a Jamboy was a character introduced in the 1800-century’s colonial areas as a central part of leisure culture. When the gentry went to play golf, native young men covered in jam would follow the golfers on a distance of 20-30 meters. The Jamboys would attract flies and bees to ensure a pleasurable golfing experience. The film is an exploration of myth-making by adding new layers and disruptions to our realities.
Jamboy (2013) is a research- and art collective consisting of Peter Kærgaard and Lasse Mouritzen. They work with interdisciplinary methodologies between social sciences, art and myth-making in where they investigate informal, nomadic, underrepresented or fictive communities, movements or lines of thought. Through a humorous, critical and poetic language they inscribe themselves in temporary socio-political conflicts and possibilities of re- enactment and imagination.

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