Gotta have complacency, surveillance &
mass security, vigilance & purity! No Brown
power in academia! Hell, social justice ain’t a
conservative concern. How trespassers tear fabric
of whole clean America! It’s time to lock & load.

Students gather at university quad for free lunch
sponsored by South Texas Minutemen. All fake
smiles is a tactic of supremacy they handout
sodas & pizza slice. Boy howdy let’s make
‘merica great again — protect our liberty, pass
out flyers — spread regime propaganda —
lure ‘em out! Gonna make ‘merica great again
that pizza sure tasty though — its oven fresh too —
shame to give it to them. Patrols detain & deport.
Violence by policy deny human rights in the
Forbidden Zone!

Yet in crowds unafraid is pride & whispers loudening
chanting louder — Here to stay! Here to stay!
In W.D. Reyes-Mainoux' poetry, he tries to demonstrate first, a social consciousness. Secondly, he attempts to inform the community and hopefully arm them with knowledge so they can engage and enrich their individual communities. He holds two bachelor degrees one in English (UTPA) and one in History (UTRGV).

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