on the night that I was brave
i crept down the carpeted stairs
& passed like a fog through the living room.
attached to the wall by oozing tendrils,
the mass gripped the kitchen wallpaper
like a hand clutching a stitch in your side.
at the center, a pale white face
seemed a full moon, with three
perfectly circular divots
in place of eyes and a mouth.
legs shaking, i opened my mouth
to scream. The wheezing and suction
of the thing was tangible madness.
words fragmented in my mind as
i forgot how to breathe.
i couldn’t help but wonder,
where have i seen this before?
Martin Hopson is a poet, musician, and educator from West Chester. Pennsylvania. He is an associate editor for Peach Velvet Magazine, and his works have appeared in Panoply and Daedalus. He holds a BSEd and MA in creative writing from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. He has also twice been selected to participate at Poetry by the Sea, a global poetry conference.

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