I fear in a life where I don’t even recognize myself
A world where it won’t be changed
I fear a home where I don’t feel safe
I fear not being good enough
Not belonging
I fear not being able to do what I want to accomplish
I fear falling until I no longer feel more
I fear of losing my identity
I fear disappointment of the people around me
I fear trusting someone new
I fear falling in love again
I fear growing up
I fear of people getting ahead of me and doing more “stuff” that what I’m doing
I fear of the past
Who I was, What I did, and What I went through?
I fear of the present
Who I am, What I do, and What I’m going through?
-Same old routine
I fear of the future
Who I’m going to be, What am I going to be doing, and What new experiences will I be going through?
I fear of not making a change
Not inspiring individuals to be bold and powerful
I fear of not standing up for myself
Staying silent as much as I want to defend myself
I fear of not telling the truth
I fear of always lying
I fear people having power over me
Authorities controlling us
I fear not being able to be represented well on my own community
I fear being alone
I fear being independent
I fear change
I fear being a leader
I fear myself.
America Garcia wants to become a fashion designer and film director. More importantly, she wants to create change… where people won't forget her name
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