I lay silently on my cold white bed
Oceans swallowing me ‘till I can’t breathe
No one notices how much I have bled
The hot blood once red turns cold as it seethes
I hear a constant knocking at the door
I dare not open it, I still lay here
But the person knocking begins to roar
I cover my ears until I can’t hear
I hear the door peel away piece by piece
I can see his pitch black eyes peeking through
And I can see him, the ripping has ceased
All I see is black; an unwanted hue
A silent scream, I have nowhere to run.
The door is down, the pads and locks undone.
Mai Wang is a high school student who is interested in the arts. She is not a professional in poetry, but she does like to dabble in it from time to time. Her main focus is the fine arts, and she greatly appreciates any form of art. 

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