3am mist hovering around my bare feet,
bruises and blood running down my long spleen.
My feet can run no more,
I’m too scared to look back and see the evil gore.
Resting on an old stone,
In an old cemetery with decaying bones.
Quiet… it’s coming.
I can hear the branches creak.
I am trying so hard not to make a peep.
Been lost for hours,
going in circles due to his tricking powers.
At last I am hiding in this pitch black tomb,
but why is there so much room?
Slowly I fall asleep hoping it does not find me,
while snakes lay surrounding me.
Their venom runs through my veins,
I need to escape before the torment rains.
I have no choice but to run,
oh how my time has come.
Quickly I pace as if I were in a race,
a race for life in this case.
Suddenly I see it,
crawling before me.
It’s red eyes staring into my soul,
its face is covered in a giant mole,
it’s grinning smile with sweet despise,
all I can do is stare in its eyes.
It’s a trance I cannot escape,
please don’t let this be my fate.
He reaches for my ankles and slightly tugs,
then pulls me hard till I fall on the bugs.
Dragging me to the tomb I was once in,
turns out it was the home of my evil twin.
I feel boney hands squeeze around my neck,
I guess I will die in here a lonely wreck.
“Wake up!” yells my mother as my alarm goes off.
I gasp for air and start to cough.
It was just a dream or so I thought,
till I saw my feet with such distraught.
Cuts and sores covered my feet,
I cannot believe where I went in my sleep.
Look in the mirror and there I see,
the twins venom had taken over me.
How do I stop it?
I do not know.
For I am now another two-faced soul.
Herminia Macias was born in Harlingen, TX. She is the mother of two boys who are her daily inspiration. Herminia is currently a student at Texas Southmost College, but will be transferring to the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley in January. She currently resides in San Benito, TX. and enjoys writing in her spare time.
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