Sing to me muse,
That I conquer my fear
 Though flesh decline and all else fails
Though I fail;
Make me yours throughout time,
Until time is one
And this churning onward from past to future cease.
Sing to me now,
I that am lost,
Lost in the maelstrom of infinite cares,
Not to care not 
But to conquer my rage,
This raging turbulent star
Caught between iron and mercurial form; 
In relinquishing hope 
To be capsized in Love,
The highest there is
And be calm, 
Calm in all things 
And beyond all things

Sing to me Muse!
Let me be lost 
To that which I was,
That all my detesting be reborn
To all my rejoicing in your true grace,
All that decays washed away 
And reclaimed by this still striving orb.
That Process be purification
Sing to me now,
That I not despair the further work,
That I may return,
Return to my brethren,
Return to my friends,
Encourage them now in their fight.
Sing to us now, 
We are needy and lowly,
Sing to us now,
We are stubbornly wrong,
Sing to us now in our fight.
Sing to us Daughter of Wisdom,
Sing to us Daughter of Light!

Stephen Hawks, born in Washington D. C., has lived most of his life in Georgia. He has training in art, music, and theater, an AA in theater from South Georgia College, a BFA from Valdosta State University and an interdisciplinary MFA, with a concentration in Ceramics from Florida State University. He was Resident Potter at Westville living history museum for 19 years and an independent artist for over 30 years. He is married to Nancy Sneed and they have two grown daughters. Currently, he oversees the Ceramics Program in the visual Arts Department at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley on the Brownsville campus, and teaches Ceramics, Design, and Senior Exhibit Classes.

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