if I could write a poem
I would write it in free spelling
with a rhythm to catch many-ones’ hearts
regardless the metrics and the sounds

this poem would be written
picking up people’s thoughts
following a strand of tears
sharing pain, fear
catching laughs and moans
pulling stomach flies

words dressed in humid resonance   
playing a dance
cuddling warm feelings
forgetting early agonies
soaking later passions

ayy, como quisiera escribir un poema
cantando la alegría y la desesperación del comenzar

a poem to describe little fragments of a simple life
the mestiza pride because her daughter has succeed
has achieved her special something  
has made mami proud,
has made her own daughter proud
has made each latina proud

a poem is a meeting
a gift to our clan
fertility/fecundity is gonna be written in the sky
planning fireworks of laughs and calls
is ready to start
a new challenge comes up
the sky is available yet we need ladders
              ladders to reach it

is the latina fate
to discover that dreams work
as long as they don’t reach too high
believed recruiters’ promises
never heard of the price
our souls our eternal humility

gatekeepers are not enough
to control the avalanche
the desire to celebrate
the joy to procreate
the burst of life brought by the matriarcas of the clan
is mami and abuela, the power of decision
is tia and prima and hermanita the power of love
fertility/fecundity got written in the sky
the latina fate answered back today
Miryam Espinosa-Dulanto is a faculty member at the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley. Dr. Espinosa-Dulanto holds a Ph.D. in Curriculum Theory and Educational Policies for Linguistic Minorities from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Espinosa-Dulanto's writing as well as her academic research departs from identifying herself as a woman of color, a Borderlands Mestiza, and a non-mainstream person in the US. From that perspective, she explores the construction and transmission of knowledge. Dr. Espinosa-Dulanto is a veteran teacher, she has taught in urban and rural settings, in the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. In addition, Dr. Espinosa-Dulanto is an avid ethnographer who uses narrative inquiry, photography, and poetry as tools to learn and communicate. Currently, she is working in two projects, a Poetry Collection, "Finding Home in Memory: Stories of Immigration, Diaspora, and Dis/location” and, she is conducting research on the USA/Mexico border

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