The night never looked brighter than the day you were born
The crater Copernicus, discovered on the moon the day you were born
With that being said, we're like the moon and sun
Always there for each other
And like the sun to the universe during the Renaissance Era
Wonder must be flowing your mind,
What makes the sun so special during this era when they are quintillion other stars?
Well the famous astronomer Copernicus placed the sun at the center of universe
And a romantic like you is at the center of mine
Expressing your appreciation towards someone does not always have to involve materialistic things. Laisha Perrett loves to express their appreciation towards other things like this. Many may be surprised by how much she enjoys writing but it should be common sense when someone is outgoing and loud. She is from Houston, Texas to Brownsville, Texas with an imagination out of this world they are many more pieces to come.

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