They meet in the cafeteria at school because there’s a stage,
curtain and everything.
except all the white tables are in the corner
replaced by brown folding chairs.

before they start everyone says hi and talks,
and I sit and wait for pta to be over
so I can go home and play games like my brothers
an old white lady in a school tshirt comes by my chair
and I don’t want her to sit next to me because she smells
but she stops at my grandma and is like,
Hi. How are you?
and my grandma says,
Bien. Har ar dju?
and smelly is like ok and moves to the next row.

jeremiah, whose mom is in the wheelchair, goes
dude your grandma speaks stupid
and I don’t say anything because his mom is in a wheelchair
and mom always says not to be rude to them
so I stare straight ahead, clenching my teeth and fists

then grandma looks at me and says,
Porque llores, mijo? Que pasó?
and I say the only thing I know in stupid,
De nada.
David Aguilar received his M.A. in English from UTRGV, working with the University Writing Center. He is a poet, a linguist, and an educator.
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