Reflecting, observing, learning, unlearning, unraveling, decolonizing, unconditioning , uninstalling, unprogramming and reprogramming myself and listening and bringing awareness to my social narrative of thoughts how it influences my perception of self, my inner world and outer. Digging in deep, really really deep into my roots in my seed, and unrooting certain roots that were dry and needed to be cut off, because leaving a dry or infected part of a plant will spread and dry the whole plant, tree off. Yes, it's painful and scary because it's challenging and shifting my perception and that shakes my foundation, because of the views I thought and knew and believe it was my truth, but was not my truth, because that truth was not me it was installed in me, but I had to uninstall. But it’s okay because from that I will heal, and I am healing, and healing is a process. And with this, I will continue to unlearn and learn, evolve, the truth of me, and break cycles to bring better future cycles within me. And continuing embracing the journey that I call life, learning to learn.
Johana Lizeth Hernandez is born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, her father is from Oaxaca Mexico, and her mother is from Monterrey Nuevo Leon. Johana is very passionate in early childhood education and she believes that it is important to model what you want to see. She has hope for the community and that is spreading and sharing knowledge to one another is the way we as a global community will move forward.

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