Poetry the sugar in my 
tea I drink daily 
as I go
to sleep at nights
to dream of my
muses hidden
in the invisible
roof of my soul.
My muses comes
like a sudden
shower of rain
writing in the blank
pages of my immortal memory.

I drink a Shakespearian
A Dante’s Tercet,
A Homeric Ode,
A Virgil’s Epic
And a Milton’s Blank verse;
As ‘Poetry Sugar’ into my tea
that set’s my soul free
invoking my muses to
write in my fragile mind
so free.

Modern inventions
brings terror to
our souls; hatred of nations
bombing of the innocent
hacking into banks
spying us like an invisible
God in our homes.
Poetry is the sugar
In my tea
The balm of my soul
The mirror of your
Eyes that shows you the
Destiny of your life
In the garden of your

Gideon Cecil is from Guyana. He is a prolific poet, fiction ​​​​​​​writer and freelance journalist. He holds a bachelor and a master's degree in divinity also a degree in freelance journalism. He has won several literary awards at home and abroad. He has published poetry, short stories, essays and articles in magazines, journals and newspapers at home and abroad. He has over 300 poems, articles, stories, and essays published from 1993 to 2016.

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