Cruising on autopilot
A catatonic operator immobile
Gazing blankly
Into the road markings
Dashing at the machine
Strikingly misty lasers attack
Blasting stereo turns to faded noise
Some broadcast of hypnotic frequencies
Scanning an immeasurable black void
A perpetual programmed circuit
Shimmering remote beacons jolt
Blurry blisters of floating orbs
Speeding on the race track
Passed the loneliness of hovered lights
Chasing beams zooming transversely
Within widespread neo-Tokyo
Driving ghost against man
The blindfolded spirit evanesces
Drifting through limitless time
Until the impending crash.
Kevin Adam Flores Barbosa is an English graduate who has been writing poetry and short fiction since he existed. He has been published in The Rio Review, University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley’s Gallery 2016-2018 magazines, BAM's SXSM zine, and The Chachalaca Review. He's also been mentioned in University of Texas at Brownsville’s The Collegian and The Brownsville Herald. He is a bittersweet poet who has an Instagram and Tumblr (blinkforman23).

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