The video work Ouverture gives the viewer intimate insights into the transformation processes of two drag queens. The expected linear development from 'natural' to 'artificial' is broken by reflections, shifts and leaps in time. The protagonists are mirroring each other and playing with attributes of masculinity and femininity. Exposed to their vulnerability, they hide their bodies behind masks and clothing.
The project was initiated by the writer, painter and drag queen Christoph Schneeberger. Together with Kyle Benjamin Nichols he performed for the video, which was filmed and edited by Nicolle Bussien and Remy Erismann did the audio.
During her art studies, Nicolle Bussien investigated the multi-perspective structure of the moving image. The reciprocal influence of the different positions, such as the camera or the audience, was her main topic. Since her Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2015, she has been examining the various perspectives of vision and thought, beyond the medium of film. This expanded her form-finding process and resulted in initial text and audio works. The pieces often invite the audience to self-reflection while they play with the interior/ exterior and distance/ proximity.

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