I wanted to be like the others
Sometimes I wanted my caramel skin to be vanilla
My honey eyes to be the color of the sky or grass
I wanted my chocolate hair to be golden
But I didn’t know that I was a sweet myself 
I would rather speak one language than two 
I was unaware of how amazing it was to be myself 
I hid under hoodies and jeans for as long as I could remember 
Years later I stopped wishing for what others had
I learned that beauty isn’t based on the standards of others but my own 
As time went by the girls wondered how my skin glistened in the winter when theirs only glistened in the summer 
I was sun kissed while the sun hid behind the clouds
I was a walking star and I didn’t know how bright my shine was until it blinded others 
I finally found my identity like the sun finds its shine after a harsh winter 
It feels great to be myself and like the others and I can’t help but smile 
I rather be unique than a copy for likes 
I rather be unique than a pleasure for others not my own 
I rather be myself than like the others 
Laisha Aylin Perrett was born in Houston and raised in Brownsville after turning eight years old. For a while, she thought she was an alien from space because she could not fit in with the kids around her. After many years of doubting herself she found her identity and now she is a college student who is unstoppable. Almost twenty years old and this is her third time submitting to Chachalaca Review.

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