the Lone Star State, the Rio Grande Valley and the southernmost tip of Texas.
the busy traffic all throughout Boca Chica, Alton Gloor and Paredes Line Road.
Gladys Porter Zoo, 77 Flea Market, Galaxy Bowling Alley and Sunrise Mall.
Winter breeze in the A.M followed by summer heat by the P.M.
Snow in December of 2004 and 2017.
Local restaurants and businesses throughout the city.
Vermillion, Palm Lounge, Oyster Bar and Rutledge.
The Bar, Doghouse, Public House and Shenanigan’s all in one night.
Elizabeth, Jefferson and Washington Street.
La pitada (the honking) all throughout Southmost when the Cowboys win.
Half a day of school and parades all weekend long during Charro Days.
More border patrol than police cars within the city.
National news, breaking headlines and local stories.
Battle of Ft. Brown and Palo Alto.
Cyclobia, Farmers Market and Lunadas (moonlight party)
It’s called a blinker!
¿Cuantas pa la honey (how many for your lady)?
Are we there yet? No, wait until you see the palm trees!
I’m more than sure we have a pothole problem.
Shoney’s had the best breakfast.
On the border, by the sea.
Vanessa Danielle Cisneros is a student at Texas Southmost College. She is currently going for her associates in Social Work. Sometimes she's funny, sometimes she's not.

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