A strong sip of communion wine
Burns away
The sin of a Garlic Clove
In a pot of beans
Tamal husk body
Filled with Anglo
Carne Asada
The Pristine White
Sunday’s Best
Highlights the Sun Kissed
Herds forced
To the Water
They sing their hymns
Yerbabuena & Yerbanís
Stuck to the
Of desert mouths
Precious, pricked by nopal
Throats gargling Falsa Árnica
Careful of the toxic backwash
Cure their bitter memories
And dance across temples
Egg-shell cloth
As they pray to the Cardinal Directions
Dame tu poder

The eggs smell of sulfur
And the songbird lost its voice. 
Joaquin Castillo Jr was born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley. After exploring various potential majors his first year at UT Austin, he returned home and enrolled in the undergraduate program for a BA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing at UTRGV. As a folklore minor his aim is to include folkloric elements in his writing. In his spare time he acts as the current Vice President of The Creative Writing Club. 

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