My father always said
that times are getting change
Because cuando él tenía seis (when he had six)
Children’s cry because they had pain.
Today children’s cry for a tablet
always their eyes on phone screen,
Other sited watching cable.
That is a very sad future scene.
It is hard to see the entire families
everybody sited watching the phone
They don’t heard tales or fantasies
Always look like they are alone.
What a beautiful is the new technology
When it is used to finding the knowledge,
But as is today we need a psychologist
Which will help us for a change.
Let’s talk each other as the old times
And keep the cells en un cajón (in a drawer)
Let’s together run for an ice.
This is better than the IPhone.
Priscila Montalvo is a creative person. She likes to write poems. She is currently attending her first semester in college. Priscila lives in Los Fresnos TX.
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