Oh Lion, Oh Lion
Ravenous beast frothing at the mouth
Hungry for verses 
Eagerly writing them down
I claw on trees to make a mark
To makes the wordless a work of art 
To give a big “fuck you” to the universe 
To remind it that I’m in charge.
To prove that I am here and I can make my own value.
I can take this broken vessel and make it my strength
Though my mane is handmade that doesn’t make it more tame
I am not here to stir violence
But I will not be kept silent 
Silence makes chains more confining
And I’d be lying if I said that I am alright
With being called an old tabby, an alley cat in the night
I am a lion with a mighty roar and mighty jaws
I am not depression
I am not suicidal thoughts
I am a noble beast- I will not lay down and die
I will not be erased
I will not be denied
August Astrophel Luna is a young man studying at UTRGV. He writes poetry and music about being transgender, and his life experience. He also enjoys drawing, and playing video games.
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