Now, more than ever
do we sink into our words
to avoid chaos.
Our poets speak of
better days and never-were’s,
and one-day-could-be’s— 
but I find the words
more hollow than yesterday.
A pipe-dream, maybe.
Fiction becomes a
way to cope with the real world
for some, and for others
it is a beacon
on the shores of promised lands.
Pay the ferryman
with the coins you find
resting on your soft eyelids.
Better cash than blood.
And on this island
free of atom bombs and hate,
and free of clenched fists,
free from media,
free from arbitrary lines
drawn in shifting sands,
free from juggernauts
who call the shots from on high,
free from everything—
everything that would
seek to unravel us all—
we sing ourselves to

Martin Hopson is a poet, musician, and educator from West Chester. Pennsylvania. He is an associate editor for Peach Velvet Magazine, and his works have appeared in Panoply and Daedalus. He holds a BSEd and MA in creative writing from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. He has also twice been selected to participate at Poetry by the Sea, a global poetry conference.

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