From Chasing the Sun
Hours later, Marabela finally called to say that she was leaving him. It was a short conversation, with little explanation and too many silences in which she was probably trying to spare his feelings. At least she was being truthful, he'd thought back then. He, on the other hand, had been burdened with lies, making up stories to the kids about her visiting a friend who'd suddenly fallen very ill. If Marabela hadn't changed her mind and come home after three long days, he might've had to tell Cynthia and Ignacio the truth. He's not sure he could've forgiven her then.​​​​​​​

From Everyone Knows You Go Home
Her whole life, Isabel had heard stories about spirits who spent this one day of the year with family. As a child she had built altars for her great-grandparents, vibrant tributes made out of open shoe boxes adorned with paper flowers and pictures of religious figures that looked a lot like the dioramas she created in grade school. In her teens, her family congregated around her great-aunt's grave to clean it; one year, her mother even brought a battery-operated vacuum for the stone. "Today we remember our dead," he mother always said. "We honor them."