Dear Mother Earth of mine, I’m thankful for all the gifts you gave human kind,
from heaven down to the sea and Earth’s flora and the womb you are yet to show us.
Enchantingly clear that in an Amethyst, heals emotional distress, allows with balance in understating the reality of our actions and behaviors.
Knowing that celestial Moon Stone, helps with new beginnings, in feminine energies, cleansing pure water in dealing with the instability of stress, giving calmness and wholeness in the end.
Oh that of Silver ,once you’re in the full or new moon, people with ill intentions, karma bounces back into their direction, with your lunar light grants patience along with protection all year round.
Grand beasts that of a Tiger’s Eye, promotes fortune, unnerving anxiety breaks - the universe calls the zodiac sign of Leo, which brings luck to a fixed fire of the Nemean lion you couldn’t break.
Bathed in that soft tranquil Jade, lights away the negativity in our emotions, nurturing the aid of your inner true selves with honest devotion.
Faithful that of a Lapis Lazuli helps with confidence giving sense of morality, justifying clarity within the Earth’s true decree.
Water wonder that of a Mother of Pearl, taking a route with imagination. Even so, it grants beauty to ones that hold - wisdom is the key in a mother’s womb.
Angelic Saint Michael that eyes gleam of Sapphire, helps with higher spiritual alliance to a God we all unknowingly aspire to with personal growth which tends to hold a healing of reverence.
Milky Stars that are seen in an Opal will give courage to keep moving on, becoming true leaders as we scholars have many retained memories to come in visions of past, present, and future.
Ocean myths that mysteries tell in an Aquamarine will vanquish fears, it will bring forth clear verbal expressions in the deep sea. Aquarius, your intelligence brings forth every possible solution.
Evergreen forest that is coated in an Emerald, you enhance unconditional love in a joyous take in spring. Gemini, by its true loyalty in encasing a fragile heart in ivy lace.
August summer solstices that underestimated Peridot, happiness is a treasure we never knew, life progression will help break tides with countless unnoticed successes given in results of gratitude.
Romantic at fault, that sweet flower Rose Quartz will lend a hand to forgive others with reconciliation after resentment towards the years of holding back, bringing forth love.
Red flame of that of ancient times, Jasper will connect back to Mother Nature’s roots grounding with stability, granting strength onto a spiritual path of creation in the lack of enthusiasm previously had.
Darkened red aura that sensual libido Garnet passions, arises from sadness of within oneself, perceptions of other’s clear intentions, Capricorn cleansing in hope of a renewed trust, it is an instinct of survival vitality.
Maricruz Rios Cantu is currently a full-time student at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) who is pursing a degree in English with a minor in Art. Her career plans are focused on teaching as well as potentially working as an Artist during off-times. Her hobbies include exploring Victorian design and cultural wisdoms, as well as playing her favorite game: League of Legends.
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