While I stretch, I feel my toes                                                                     through my legs
my fingers                                                                                                     through my arms
opening my eyes to see, the out                                               side through the windows a few rays
I see the celling white and blue, and all is good 
with pink and yellow rays                         the day seems just perfect                           to stay away 
I stretch my hand towards you, and as I call 
my mouth gets dry, my throat is locked
I’m laying down yet my heart still drops
the world stops, I want to scream but there is no air
the tears come out, the room gets dark
I feel a pit, pulling me beneath my feet
I want you now                                      I want you here,                                   I want you with me
I want to see you walk in the door
telling me it was all a stupid joke 
and for a second, for a split second, I wait the eternity
                                                                                                                             but there is no you.

Rosalba Gomez is a resident of The Rio Grande Valley and has been for the majority of her life. She is currently going to college for a teaching degree, her major passion. Art and literature have always felt special to her, to the point of considering herself a dilettante artist. Some of her favorite writers are Edgar Allan Poe for his darkness and Clark Ashton Smith for his almost poetry like imagery throughout his work.
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