“Las fronteras con un puente pero dos caminos muy distintos!”
- Local Frontera “Diche”  
Mexican bags,
Mesh bolsas del mercado,
Bright dye colors woven in plaids,
Stripes, solids, poly-mesh
Strong, flexible handles,
As liquid borders
Running beneath their feet,
Traveling both ways,
Transporting dark haired
Tias, hermanas,
Abuelitas, carrying
Large bags,
An entire life
Could fit inside,
Bags carried on buses,
Lugged across long bridges
Border paths going both ways,
Roads moving with human cargo
Carrying the longings of blood,
Crossing Rio Grande shores,
To frontera del norte, with
Famila on both sides,
Family long
Bags hold memories,
Bring sweets,
Dulce de leche por
Los niños,
Dried chiles, rancho
Grown in el jardín,
Warm love-made tamals
Wrapped safely in
Hand embroidered
Time & visa terms
Bring them back
To old roads, hard life
Choices, returns to border
Bridges, returns of
Brown eyed las abuelitas,
Hermanas, tias,
Crossing back
To ancient homelands,
Towards more familiar tongues,
Where family rancho earth
Still run deep as wells,
Deep as blood of rivers.
Boundaries remain changeable,
Alter with claims, with time,
Liquid as water,
& they weep; leaving
Behind familia, the precioso,
Choking tears, caliente,
Crossing back to Rio Bravo,
Sur del frontera,
Carrying bright plaid bags
On buses, lineas panamericas,
Lugging bold stripped bolsas
Across long, hot bridges,
Puentes del caminos,
Colorful bags
Heavy with hard goodbyes,
Liquid borders running
Just beneath their
Location: Pharr, Texas
Elizabeth Perdomo has lived and written in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas these past sixteen years, moving to this region from the Rio Grande Valley of northern New Mexico. Born in Kansas and raised both there and in Colorado, she has written poetry works since a young teen. Perdomo also lived in the Southeastern USA for many years, where she married and her 3 daughters were born. Perdomo has been an active member of the South Texas Border Chapter of Texas Master Naturalist since 2016. Her written pieces reflect her passion to learn about local places, culture and tradition, as well as gardening, ecology, nature and much more. Perdomo is the author of a book of poetry about the people and places in East Tennessee entitled, “One Turn of Seasons” and has had a number of poems published in periodicals, chap books and collections, including a recently published collection entitled, “Kansas Time + Places.”

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