Brilliant blue
desert Goddess,
with rays shining
off the planes
of your incandescent
face and your
midnight black braids-
Tell me, why is this desert
so cold, though
it never snows
here in the shadows
of the War Zone,
here where we
meet in these circles
off Zuni Street?
I see you. I hear you,
oh brilliant blue Goddess!
Don’t stop shining.
Don’t stop speaking
in these spirals,
these circles
where we meet.
For you, Brilliant One,
are the gem
breaking through ancient mountains.
Trier Ward is a mother, poet, and scientist. She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and performs at open mics in the area. Her poetry appears in various anthologies and online forums including The Nervous Breakdown, Bohemia, and Mad Swirl. Her first book of poetry, Bruises and Love Bites, is available at Her second book of poetry, The Hollowscape, is forthcoming in 2016 from Penhall Publishing. To contact Trier, write to
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