we spoke you and I
the fountain just beyond blessed by five angels 
about plans
the fog graced us and we could not be more grateful
for it and the lake are better witnesses than rain
yolanda reads our plan to sidewalk strangers
                cameras for faces
that was beautiful they say
thanks I say with mud on my shoes and I remember it rained yesterday
                and I am a happy man
because you opened the taxi cab doors as I waited 
under the terrace with sweaty knees
we walked you and I
the street relentless and I forget who I am 
except you say a word and it breathes with me
I forgot the word but I remember it was baptized in your love
just like me
David Aguilar is an English PhD student at Texas A&M--Commerce, researching bilingual interactions in writing centers. He received his M.A. in English from UTRGV and teaches rhetoric, composition, literature, and poetics. Besides a teacher, he is a poet, a husband, and a stepfather.

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