The silver and black flash
The swift running of a paintbrush
Across the empty space of the canvas
Curves and strokes of blending paint
White and silver show the shy darkened blush of the moon
In the blue-black of the endless night sky
A pack runs swiftly
Through the leafy forest under the star-filled night sky
Family, friends, lovers, mates
Paws fly across the well worn paths
Marked by ancestors of the past
Ears perked to catch the slightest whisper of a sound
Tails streaming out behind like small streamers
Pleasant smells of the earth and pack fills an excited, twitching nose
Howls cut through the still night air harmonizing in melodious song
Gazing at the dream like reality, I lay down my brush
Trading human skin for a glossy pelt
To run with my mate, my friends, my family
My pack
And become one of the legendary night runners
Carpe noctem, amici mei, et sinete suavissimam fascinationem noctis vos voluptate perfundere
Seize the night my friends and let the enchanting spell of the night overtake you
Jae Astin is an artist and baker based in Atlanta, Georgia. She is currently majoring in Foreign Languages with a concentration in Spanish. When she's not busy decorating cakes, she likes to spend time with her dogs Storm and Sierra.

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