Brown as the dirt you step on
But roses grow from the dirt
So my mother holding me said “you will bloom and become a rose”
They say brown is ugly
But I see gringas plastering their faces with the dark colors
They wanna look Latinx but don’t wanna be Latinx
They want our beauty not our struggles and pain
They step on us like we’re dirt
Forgetting we’re they most beautiful flower ever created
Beautiful to look at, but touch us you’ll get cut from the thorns of our ancestors
They raped and pillaged my people
Burying us but forgetting we’re seeds
Brown as the dirt you step on but I am a rose
Junior Prado is a 22-year-old East Los native who started writing poetry when he was first incarcerated at the age of 12. He began taking writing more seriously when his high school English teacher Mr. E told him he should pursue a writing career.
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