There's nothing that alters your reality
changes your fate
stops you in your tracks
like death
Life changes from one second to the next
Slow-motion scenes in a bottle
life passing by while I sit and stare
Crying till I'm dried up inside
Tissue wads and reddened nose
I lay in my bed
I lay in my bed
I lay in my bed
You're still not here
I look for you in all the places where you'd be
I even look in the places where you'd hide
I just want another moment with you.
I want another memory
I want to go back to when we were good.
I want to go back to when you weren't sick
I know everyone has to go
This doesn't make it any easier
I knew that you were going
That didn't make this any easier
I miss you so much.
When Kaylee Hernandez isn't teaching, she is petting cats or volunteering. She hopes her poetry brings clarity and relief to those who can relate.

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