When you live in the border,
It’s easy to spot stoners.
More than anything, drunks.
Unlimited beer cans inside car trunks.
That is what everyone sees in us
But seeing beyond all that is a must.

We are students trying to have great careers.
Migrants who are the hardest workers all seasons.
We are people who get over our fears
Without hearing any reason.

We don’t let anything stop us from reaching the stars
And we stick together no matter what.
People think we spend our free time getting wasted in bars.
We’ve looked out for each other from the start.

We go through a lot here in the border but that doesn’t make us vain.
We free ourselves from all those chains.
Chains made of fear, sadness and anger.
We break those chains by sticking to those we love.
Our love can be as pure as white doves.
Having cookouts with them makes the weekend extremely fun.
We do that to make sure we keep a strong bond.

Let’s recognize the great teachers we have.
They are always here for us
And when we need it, give us good laughs.
They are our role models helping us get to our best.
They make sure we can pass all life’s tests.
This is my home and I hope it never changes.
I love every part of this place and I never dread it.
Karla Margarita Garza, the author of this poem, is a young author who was born in Matamoros, Mexico and now resides in Brownsville, Texas. As a child, she went through many problems, but luckily, had a teacher who helped her get through them. Thanks to him and her new teachers, she is reaching her full potential. She used her love of Brownsville for inspiration when she wrote this poem hoping to make everyone proud.

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