Please hear these words
A long journey awaits you
You will encounter so much in your path
Those who care about you
Admire you
Value you
Accept you
Love you.
You will also come across those who judge you
Envy you
Mock you
Reject you
Despise you
And don’t accept you as you are.
Listen child,
Always keep your head up high
Knowing that our creator made you just the way you are for a purpose.
One day you will discover that purpose
And do great and phenomenal things.
Always be proud of who you are
And what makes you unique
Ignore the naysayers and those filled with negativity
And believe me child when I say
You will go far and do great things.
Vanessa Caraveo has been avidly involved in writing throughout the years and was published in HWG’s, “Out of Many One: Celebrating Diversity,” anthology, had her winning essays published for the IMIA for 2013 and 2014, and also has various fiction, non-fiction and poems published for diverse organizations. She has been a member for many non-profit groups and hopes to uplift the lives of others through her literary work by making a positive difference.

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